By us. For us.

This is not about big business or Big Brother.
This is about the people of Britain helping the country get back to its feet.

This is not about massive handouts or large investments.
This is about us all helping ourselves with many, small and local events in our communities.

This is not about standing by while somebody else does what needs to be done.
This is about all of us, all round Britain, all making a difference.

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Make a difference.

unlokd UK is a Community Interest Company founded to help Britain bounce back from the impacts of the Covid-19 outbreak.
We’re focused on getting people back to work, supporting local businesses, and most of all, getting people back together to have fun again.

Set up by Ricky, supported by old friends and colleagues, partnering with civic society and business associations, powered by the energy and enthusiasm of people across the country, and reliant on you, the British public, to get back out there and make it all better.
This outbreak has impacted all of us, so it’s up to all of us to help make it better once it is contained.

By running, coordinating and sponsoring many, small and local events in bars, coffeeshops and civic centres around the country, we will stimulate demand for the hospitality sector, get staff working again and put a smile back on people’s faces.

  • If you own a venue, host an event.
  • If you host a local coffee-morning, take it to a coffeeshop.
  • If you chair a quiz night, get back to the pub.
  • If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at running a themed night, do it now.
  • If you’re in an online tech discussion group, take it to the trenches.

The opportunities are endless, bounded only by your imagination.
New friends, colleagues, sponsors and partners are signing on, so why not jump on board and help us help you, your friends, your family and your neighbours.

Create an event, get together with friends and family or meet new people. Add it to the unlokd calendar and we’ll publicise it

Run your existing events under the unlokd banner to help us gain momentum and critical mass.

Donate and see your donations matched (up to £10,000) by the unlokd founding team.