By us. For us.

It couldn’t be easier.
Especially for those who already own or manage venues, supply hospitality businesses, or organise meetups, coffee mornings, quiz nights, clubs and other events.
(And if you’re a first-timer, eager to set up your first event, we’ve got guidance and help to support you.)

We’re out to stimulate demand in the hospitality sector, support jobs and get people back out having fun again. So we need you to dream up the many, small and local events that will make up the unlokd caldendar.

Think about what you want your event to look and feel like:

  • Who would you like to invite?
  • What is the theme?
  • Where will you hold it?
  • When will it be?

Join unlokd as a Contributor.
(This will let you set up an event for the unlokd calendar, tell the world all about it, then let us know how it went.)

Enter the event details once you’ve signed in.
(How long? Is it an open session or only for those invited? …)
Then tell us about your event in a post.
As ever, make sure you use the right categories and tags to make the event easy to find.

Once we’re sure the event sticks to unlokd protocols (they’re pretty straightforward),we’ll publish it on the calendar.

Invite your attendees. Let your venue know to expect you. (We want

Get in touch if you have any questions.

Run your event and have fun.

Let us know how it went. We want pictures. So keep it clean!

Run another one.